Garage Door Problems

Common garage door problems

You may use your garage door many times a day without even thinking about it but when it stops opening or closing properly it becomes a real problem.  Some common problems include

dooropenerFaulty automatic door opener – if you garage door has an electric opener there are a number of issues that can arise from the door not opening or closing fully to complete failure.  We are able to diagnose the problem and often it is possible to repair the system by replacing some components rather that having to replace the whole unit


cableSprings and cables – garage doors are counter balanced either by springs or a system of weights and pulleys.  Sometimes the springs may break and need replacing or it may be possible to adjust the tension to make the door open and close freely again.  Cables wear and break over time and we carry a full range of spares to replace these.


tracksTracks and rollers – bent tracks and seized rollers make the door difficult to open and close.  We can check these out and replace components as necessary.





bentBent panels and door sections are not only unsightly but may also make the door difficult to operate.  We can supply and fit replacements for many makes of door.




Weather-seals – many doors have seals to keep the cold and wet out of the garage.  these can wear, be damaged or just stop working efficiently.  Most of these can be replaced easily greatly improving the condition of the garage.

At Anglia Garage Doors Ltd we provide a fully service for the repair of all types of garage door including up and over doors, roller doors, sectional doors and conventional side hung doors.  We are able to visit locations throughout Norfolk and Suffolk.  We also install new doors. Visit our website to see the full range of Garage Doors we can supply in Norfolk and Suffolk.